What should I do on the first day of the program?
On the first day arrive 30 minutes at the venue to check in and fill all relevant forms. All other days 15 minutes is adequate to arrive and player start their own warm-ups as instructed by coaches.

How are children placed in groups during our camps/programs?
Our grouping is generally based on year of birth. If a player is above that level and physically cable of training with a year above his/her own, then he/she may be challenged to train with the older age group.

Where do I find the refund policy for sessions/camps we have signed for?
Our refund policy is stated in our Terms and Conditions, which can be found on our web page. Generally, we do not offer refunds once a session or program has been purchased however this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. 

The camp I want to attend is sold out, is there an opportunity to still attend?
Sometimes we have cancellations, so it’s always good to email us or check our web page for an updated status.

My child will miss the final session, what should we do?
Please ensure you advise us of his/her absentee's so appropriate arrangements can be made to ensure player gets potential awards, certificates etc.

My child has a medical condition and I would like to ensure this is clearly understood?
On the first session, parents will be provided with a question and answer form where you will be asked to note that all the player’s details, medical information and any medication essential to be kept with coach/admin staff whilst sessions are conducted.

The weather is looking bad, how will I know if training is still going ahead?
In relation to inclement weather please arrive at the venue each day. The head coach will make the final decision to train. We do play through rain alone, but nearly all of our locations have some sort of facility/shelter to use in case of lightning and or storm.

I want to join the Passion Futbol email list, how can I do that?
You can do this by signing up via our page or email us directly through the contact us page.

Can I request my child be placed in a group with a friend or teammate(s)?
Passion Futbol welcomes any requests for children to be with their friends or teammates.

I missed a few days of my camp/program, can I get it prorated?
Unfortunately, we cannot prorate our camps once they have started, as they run school holidays only. However, we understand every now and then a player will miss one day of a program. If a player misses due to illness and ample warning us provided, we may arrange that player to come into another program and take the session.

Can my child refill their water at camp?
Yes at camps we take ample water breaks and we will have filtered water for players to refill.

What if my child gets injured at camp/program?
Coaches are experienced to deal with injuries plus we will have all medical information with us. We will have first aiders available to address and take next actions at every camp/program.

My child has registered for a program, what should they bring with them?
Sunscreen, water bottle, shin guards – required to be worn at all times on the field, extra pair of shoes if possible, snacks (Camps only), Please label all equipment and always advise of any medical condition. 

Will there be shade?
All venues will have shade and shelter available.

Our course/session was canceled early because of weather, do we get anything to make up for that time?
We do not offer reimbursement for weather delays, however, if enough time is missed, we will email out “homework program” and out of camp activities for players to continue to grow. We will also offer credits and encourage players to register using their credits for our skills sessions or next camp.

Do you have discounts for siblings?
Yes, we do offer discounts and these will be offered at times of registration.

More questions?
Contact Passion Futbol coaching via our contact us page on our web page or email us at passionfutbolcoaching@gmail.com