Graeme Carrett
Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Inc.
Parramatta FC - Nation Premier League 1 Club

Working closely with Steve Arbelo at Parramatta FC was an incredible experience for me personally where I learnt his passion for this great game and the importance of teaching the player the fundamental of technical and game skills, player discipline, dedication and that hard work pays off and Steve, of course, was an enormous asset to the development of the Parramatta FC Youth League Squads.

Whilst at Parramatta FC to see players/ teams under his guidance as the clubs Technical Director where his delivery of his football plan, his vision and philosophy in creating a football environment where players/ teams develop in good motor skills, technical skills and game skills which allowed players to be able to grow by expressing themselves, which then flowed into the players game and allowed the team to play a free-flowing football game.

Cameron Wilkinson
Played Central Coast Marines Academy 13-19, Met Far North representative Sides 12-15, Current USA College Soccer 19-22 plus many academies such as Jonny Warren Foundation Program and Coerver Coaching.

I have been lucky enough to be coached by Steve throughout my footballing career. This first started at Passion Futbol and Terrigal United FC when I was 8 and managed to continually be involved with Steve through various academies and programs until the age of 15.

Steve is extremely passionate not just about football but developing young athletes into better footballers and better men. Steve has given me a skill set that has allowed me to compete not only on a domestic stage but internationally as well. Steve will give young footballers the complete technical package set by his own experiences and practices. I would highly recommend and am extremely happy to see him back developing the youth of the Central Coast.

Grant Brown
Central Coast Mariners Academy, many NSW & Northern NSW Premier League Clubs plus many academy training

I had Steve as a football coach from an extremely young age, and it’s easy to say I have never met anyone more passionate about the game! Steve lives and breaths football, and having the chance to be coached by him for many years was a privilege.

He helped me take my game to the next level where I didn’t think it would be physically possible. His technical ability to analyse, explain and correct a players technique is certainly something to admire.

Steve is an extremely loyal coach and will not give up on any player who is willing to learn. If you give him 100% he will give you 120% in return.

I would not be the player I am today without the guidance and support of Steve.

Daniel McFarlane
Central Coast Mariners Academy plus National A-League Youths with Central Coast Mariners plus International clubs in Scotland. Also many academies during my early ages.

By far the best coach I've ever had, instilled discipline and technique into my game, very passionate and determined coach and will 100% improve you as a player and person, can't speak highly enough of you mate, best youth development coach around.