Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

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Players will be identified and selected by our senior coaching staff through the skills clinics and camps. As players adapt to our coaching style, we then will take them to next steps, where we reinforce the Passion Futbol foundations listed below, whilst remembering our core learnings.

Increase intensity and levels of pressure for skills and group play.

Given that we are now getting confident with our technique we will start to work on understanding different aspects of tactical work, movement, and options.

We start to focus on field positions and their responsibilities.

Defending and attacking principles.

Training the correct options in the game of football, thus adding pressure to our touch.

A home program designed to instill discipline and attitude to maximizing players learnings by working at home focusing on their techniques.

Typically this program will run 3 nights a week for 1.5 hours in the player's offseason and 1-2 times a week during their IN season. We strongly believe players only burn out due to bad coaching as coaching that highlights their improvements is essential so the more players train the better.

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