Skills Coaching Clinic

Skills Coaching Clinic

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What's involved:
Our Clinics are open to all players boys and girls aged 6 – 15 where we focus on the essential building blocks to develop players as footballers:

  • Knowing the ball – this aspect is crucial, a player must know how a ball acts. Mostly forms part of our warm-ups.
  • First touch and knowing how to move the ball to beat opponents or even to give you a second option.
  • The most important aspect of South American football beating your opponent and how this makes you feel. We focus on beating the opponent as defending against one is a learning what happens as we work on attack, the two go hand in hand. As we master the above two we start to also work at later ages, transitions, tactics etc.
  • Scoring and group play, here is where we focus on movement as we learn how to treat a ball, have a great touch, ability to beat the opponent. Using these skills companied with knowing movement and tactics.
  • Home program to help extra work from home

These sessions run Monday and Friday.

What the player will receive:
8 hours of coaching, a Passion-Futbol tee and shorts, home program


Kick Off Dates
April 2018 - Monday & Friday April 2nd to 27th
May 2018 - Monday & Friday May 4th to 28th
June 2018 - Monday & Friday June 1st to 25th